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Using a sub-ohm vaping setup is the first reason for an instant crackle. An RTA with a fairly open airflow forces air and increases the productivity of the vape. More e-liquid will condensate and less turn to vapor, thus an excess of liquid makes the noise. You need to increase it for normal heating or try to make longer draws. Otherwise, you may flood your atomizer and e-juice will spit to your mouth. Consider vaping at a higher wattage and see if the noises are still the same. Moreover, try to change the airflow adjustments to reduce the amount of e-liquid. Twist the collar of your sub-ohm tank to loose some air pressure.

Feel free to fill in your vape with new e-juices, but remember one thing: thicker one means more vapor. You may use thicker vegetable glycerin instead of thinner propylene glycol liquid. Sugar is very much like wood when it is burned. Both contain cellulose which breaks down when burnt.

Then the gases vaporize and make a popping sound. It is totally natural that e-juice makes that popping as it gets heated by the coil. Twisted and braided coils have more surface area, which helps to produce more vapor and may cause extra popping sounds. We are talking about occasional popping because of twisted coil build, and you can hardly prevent it. Be sure that your coil twists and braids are very tight in your device.

You can also hear a vape popping when your device has a narrow drip tip or chimney. Some condensed vapor remains inside in form of droplets and blocks the flow. Simply use a wider drip tip or switch to an RTC chimney. So all the factors above may affect vape popping, crackling, and spitting. It is mostly related to the interaction of e-liquid and coil wire. The condensation vapor and extra droplets can cause dreadful loud noise and spitting issues.

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Vape on and enjoy the slight crackling sound of an operating vape, satisfying like a fire in the fireplace. It is a very good thing to stay aware of any changes in your vape pen or mod as it could be a sign of trouble. In an RTA, the wicks bridge an area of very low air pressure — the tank — with the chimney, which is exposed to the outside environment. Otherwise, e-liquid will seep into the atomizer more quickly than the coils can vaporize it. Just be careful not to use so much cotton that you actually block the holes. If you have an RDA, using the correct amount of wick is still important.

Either way, you could end up with atomizer popping and spitting. Are you using an e-liquid comprised of mostly propylene glycol? Are you using it with a sub-ohm tank? Propylene glycol is thinner than vegetable glycerin. It also vaporizes at a lower temperature.

Sub-ohm tanks, though, tend to have large wick holes and operate at higher temperatures. A flooded atomizer pops and spits constantly. If you have a sub-ohm tank or RTA, it most likely uses several threaded joints and o-rings to keep the e-liquid inside the tank. Check your tank carefully to confirm that all of the o-rings are in place and not stretched out. Also, disasemble and reassemble the tank to make sure that nothing is cross-threaded. If e-liquid gets inside the atomizer enclosure, the coil will flood. Twisted coils are known to cause quite a bit of atomizer popping and spitting.

If you have a tank or RBA with a twisted coil, braided coil, Clapton coil or anything of the sort, it may be difficult to avoid a bit of occasional spitting. People twist and braid resistance wires to create atomizer coils with the greatest possible surface area. A twisted or braided coil build can often cause atomizer spitting.

Every once in a while, the e-liquid will pool, and the atomizer will pop. A little of the vapor condenses inside the chimney or drip tip.

Eventually, some of the condensed vapor can form droplets that remain stuck and block the flow of vapor. When that happens, the atomizer eventually pops and spits e-liquid into your mouth. RTAs often have very wide chimneys; switching to an RTA may eliminate atomizer popping and spitting entirely.

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Do you have a tank or atomizer with a horizontal coil? Horizontal coils have plenty of benefits, but you should know that the vapor travels in a direction perpendicular to the direction of the coil. Take a look at the two videos below:. From the videos above, you can see that with the vertical coil build, the atomizer is popping and spitting e-liquid away from where the drip tip would be. So, if you build your own coils, building vertical coils is an easy way to alleviate getting hot e-liquid in your mouth.

Most of it will splash against the inner all of the atomizer instead. Do you use a sub-ohm tank with pre-built coils? If you love the vapor production but hate the atomizer spitting, try one of the two additional workarounds below. Have you ever wondered what those funny looking swiveling drip tips are for? Now you know. If an atomizer is spitting, the droplets hit the bend in the drip tip instead of going into your mouth. A very long drip tip can alleviate atomizer spitting, too.

If your atomizer is spitting a pipe screen can prevent the e-liquid from reaching your mouth. As you may have noticed, more and more pre-built atomizer heads are coming with screens over the coils. The reasoning behind this is fairly simple — almost every atomizer pops and spits sometimes. When the atomizer spits, the droplets of e-liquid hit the screen instead of exiting through the drip tip. You can fix that by putting in a screen of your own. Remember, though, that pipe screens are metal and could be conductive.

No problem. Cut the smallest circle possible, and then cut a radius into it. When you have an atomizer popping and spitting hot e-liquid into your mouth, it really removes a lot of the pleasure in the vaping experience. If you build your own atomizer coils, though, knowing what causes atomizer popping means that you can alter the aspects of your build that cause it.

If you use a tank with pre-built coils and love it apart from occasional atomizer spitting, simply use one of the workarounds listed above. Spitting is very common with all-in-one devices. Since the coil is at the bottom of the tank, vapor has a long way to travel, so condensation tends to collect in the chimney. Also, airflow can cause difficulties since the coil is so deeply submerged. We have a few tips that may help:. Clean the coil and chimney after each time using a full tank.

You might have good results if you hold a folded paper towel over the coil while blowing through the drip tip. That should clear out the chimney and remove the excess e-liquid from the coil. Use a unicorn bottle or syringe to fill the tank more precisely and avoid flooding the coil. Try adjusting the airflow. If the airflow is already fully open, try reducing it. Try increasing the power level. If the power level is too low, the vacuum created by your puffs could draw e-liquid into the coil faster than the coil can vaporize it. Also I have seen the Max VG juices will spit more.

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Awesome sauce thank you so much! Bumping up to 60 watts and closing the airflow a bit stopped it right away, vape on. We need some help! I vape anywhere from 30 to 50 watts. More recently 33 watts for some reason, though i do have a new vape with 2 batteries and it just seems more powerful, but the way I look at it 30 watts is 30 watts! They changed them and that was that. What, after all this time am I doing wrong? I stealth a lot at work, so need it to be quiet again! Am I vaping too low for the coils?

I was vaping at 30w on the melo coil that came with it no problem but the new coil, nope. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Hopefully a reader can chime in with a bit of advice. Either try the paper towel trick where you blow excess juice out of the tank, or you can purge before hits. That means when you press the fire button, exhale through the driptip as the big bang goes off then switch to an inhale.

I put the power up to Have you tried using a different type of coil, Paul? Twisted, braided and Clapton coils do tend to spit more often than some other types of coils. Using a bit more wicking material may also help. With the sky hook the wicking is very tricky. You need just the right amount to allow the wicking material to absorb the juice against gravity but not too much as to jam up the wicking ports.

Fused Claptons should be fine but things to look for are; too much airflow, also coil internal diameter, too wide with result in too much cotton and dry hits. Good luck! Its prob just the claptons try rewicking if that dont fix it try a diff style coil. I used the skyhook as a dripper for bout a year and it served me well i find some coils just do spit after swapping around u will find wot u like.

The eVic AIO is one of the e-cigarettes that we hear about the most when it comes to the coil spitting. Which tip fixed it for you? I use tcr settings… initial firing voltage matters a lot. The all-in-one devices are often some of the worst offenders when it comes to popping and spitting. The tips that we provided in this article should help with almost any all-in-one device. If you have no success, you might consider using an e-cigarette with an external tank instead.

My vape was spitting boiling liquid out and kept burning my tongue and sometimes burned my skin. I read in your article that if you up the wattage it prevents it from spitting, which it did. Thank you. I have just bought a 40w vapestix machine and it spits and pops liquid. I have turned it up to 40w and almost closed over the airflow regulator. It sort of works but what I want to know is does it take time to purge the flooded coil?

I must admit I in my excitement filled the unit pretty quickly. I also bought Vapestix 40W and find it completely unusable. Hits your lungs in a way I imagine cyanide gas would. Worst product ever. Hey guys so my wife and I just bought the Smok Alien mod and they have been working great but hers has been having a gnarly crackling sound. Any ideas? Close the airflow a little and if that doesnt work try a lower vg to pg ratio. However, I almost gave up vaping and went back to cigarettes because of the spitting issue.

I did everything mentioned here and the spitting seemed to stop for some time. And then it used to start happening again and I was getting sick and tired of the liquid getting to my mouth on every pull. I picked up a cigarette and a pair scissors, cut out a small slice of the filter and placed it just below the mouthpiece. The filter blocks all the liquid and prevents it from entering my mouth, even if I pull very very hard. Try it and let me know. Awesome idea, going to try it. Thank you eCig One Staff. Not a single minuscule drop of liquid in my mouth today.

My tongue had become a little sore from all the hot liquid. And that is why I decided to post it here since you seem to have a lot of readers reading your excellent and highly detailed articles. You are doing a great job helping the community out. To compensate, increase your airflow. Adjust the wattage accordingly. Glad to be of help. This definitely did help me continue vaping and stop smoking completely.

I hope it helps all of you too. I just checked mine and it does have a lot of liquid, so I just removed it using a toothpick, sliced another piece, dropped it in and am back to happy and rigourous vaping. Again, our sincere thanks for the contribution! Thanks so much. I forgot to mention that the cigarette filter trick will work longer and more effectively only after you follow all the other excellent, logical and practical tips provided by eCig One Staff in this article detailing how to avoid Spitting.

I did all of these to ensure that my tank was really clean and dry before I inserted the cigarette filter slice. I have an alien vape the tank is baby beast and it pops and spits no matter what we do we have tried everything even have new coil in it. I found taking the outer cotton out of the coils with full air flow I get a smooth hit out of the baby beast. I have a smok g with a baby beast tank, I usually use it around watts with full air flow.

Not sure what to do about it. The filter is spitting on some and then other filters same size work great. How can I stop the spitting, I cannot adjust the wattage on this module. Please help.. I had this same problem and tried the all of the above. I changed the mouthpiece to a smaller one and that helped but it was still spitting. I finally figured out that the temp setting was set for nickel atomizers and I was using stainless. Problem solved!!

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Hope this helps! I recently bought a SMOK stick AIO and filled it up with liquid and waited 15 minutes, when I first started smoking the vape it came up liquid straight away. The liquid comes up the pipe. Hell yeah. Thanks for this article. My brand new to vaping and my AL85 with a baby beast tank was spitting and popping like crazy on just 50 watts and like you said, was very unpleasant.

So like you said, instead of increasing the wattage I just limited the amount of air flow and believe me I feel dumb, lol. Thank you again! I found my spitting rdas had one thing in common that my others did not. Coils too low. Smok Spirals tank started spitting. This post gave me the info needed to minimize it. Up watts and constricted air flow. Mush better! I have a merlin Mini atomizer and juice are coming out from the drip tip.

I bought a new drip tip which is gourd shape drip tip and the juice is still spitting out from the mouth piece. Need help here please. I have a speeder vape and I have it at 27 watts and I get a spit that hits my lip and it hurts how do I stop it from happening.

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Thank you so much! Bought both myself and my mom Smok vapes for Christmas and both of them spat like crazy. I went back to the man who sold them to me and they worked perfectly when he tested them.